TSP Content Update Schedule

In accordance with TSP Content Governance, the next update cycle of best practices content will begin on Oct 1st 2020.

Forming Governance Committees 

On Oct 1st 2020, a open call for volunteers to participate in TSP Content Governance Committees will be broadcast. The best practices content review committees are:

Content tiles

  • Governance & Management
  • Office/Grounds
  • Data, metrics, targets

Industry segments

  • Architectural design
  • Aviation services
  • Construction
  • Consulting/ Advisory services
  • Distribution/Logistics & shipping
  • Energy efficiency contracting
  • Engineering
  • Engineering, procurement, construction
  • Enviro. consulting, engineering, construction
  • Facilities management
  • Freight & shipping
  • Fuel supply
  • General contracting
  • Interior design
  • Lab services
  • Marketing & communications
  • Metal structures & equipment, Boxes & enclosures
  • Metal structures & equipment, Distribution transformers
  • Metal structures & equipment, Fabricated metals
  • Metal structures & equipment, General manufacturing
  • Metal structures & equipment, Wire & cable
  • Print services
  • Professional services
  • Equipment & parts rental/leasing
  • Value added reselling
  • Vegetation management
  • Waste management

Governance Committee Kick-off Meeting 

The Governance Committees kick-off meetings will be scheduled between November 1st and December 1st 2020.

Content development phase 

The content development and update phase will scheduled between January 1st and July 1st 2021.

Governance Committee Sign-off Meeting 

The Governance Committees sign-off meetings will be scheduled between July 1st and August 1st 2021.