TSP Content Update Schedule

The 2022 sustainability assessment is structured around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Core questions and implementation of industry practices.

You have until May 31st 2022 to send your comments. If you wish to participate in the review process, please contact us.

The review cycle of the industry practices will begin in September 2022. We are asking volunteers about 3h of their time (1h to review the content, 2h video meeting). If you would like to volunteer, please contact us, indicating the name of the committee(s) you would like to volunteer for.

Instructions to review content 

Review the best practices included in the tiles for the committe you are part of. This includes:

  • the best practice title & content
  • the metrics impacted (energy, GHG emissions, waster and/or water)
  • the intrinsic value (green/gold levels)

Add comments in the public comment box on the best practice details if you believe the best practice is not relevant anymore, or if either the title, content, metrics impacted, or intrinsic value needs to be updated.

If you think there are new best practices to be added to a tile under review, please note it and send your notes through the contact us form so that it can be considered for inclusion at a content committee meeting.

2022 Content under review 

The best practices content review committees are:


This content committee will review the following tiles:


This content committee will review the following tiles: