Understand your supply chain sustainability posture.

TSP works through alliances and professional trade organizations to promote sustainability across entire industry sectors.

Meet your suppliers where they are.

You have identified your organization's 80% spend, or made a list of tier 1 suppliers by risk and/or impact. It is time to send them an initial survey.

TSP ESG/Environmental practices assessment was designed, and is regularly updated, through a consensus building process that involves the many stakeholders to make a supply chain sustainability program successful.

Special thanks to the following contributors!

The ESG/Environmental practices assessment is composed of

  • An Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Core Questionnaire
  • Industry-focused Actionable Environmental Practices

The ESG Questionnaire is made of 25 core questions that can be used as the basis for sustainability scoring within a bid or request for proposal (RFP) process. It is structured such that:

  • Questions are mapped to one or more reporting framework (e.g. CDP, GRI, SASB).
  • Answers can be validated by a 3rd party through either publicly available or uploaded documentation.

There are currently 400+ industry-focused environmental practices covering 24 industries segments. These practices are actionable step a supplier can take to improve their sustainability posture.

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Suppliers will be at different steps in their sustainability journey. TSP was specifically designed for:

  • Mature organizations to report their progress against standardized questions.
  • Progressing organizations to find the tools (GHG Calculators, etc.) to track and improve data & metrics related to energy and water use vs. GHG emissions and waste generated.
  • Starting organizations to learn, assess their sustainability practices against peers and create a baseline to improve upon.

Track engagement and chart responses

1. Invite suppliers and colleagues

You can invite as many suppliers as you wish. Suppliers that have already answered the assessment previously can share their response with you with a single click.

You can invite as many colleagues as you want to see your organization dashboard. If the need arises to connect your organization's Active Directory and Single Sign-On (SSO) login workflow with TSP, our support team can configure this so you have full control of the authentication workflow for your users.

2. Track engagement

TSP sends automatic reminders to suppliers that haven't completed the assessment within the allocated time period.

You can track individual supplier activity as well as aggregate of your suppliers completion rate vs. last year vs. your industry peers.

3. Start a dialogue around sustainability with suppliers

TSP gives you insight in suppliers that have set sustainability targets and/or have improvement plans in place, segmented by industry. Furthermore through membership into an Alliance and TSP unique aggregated anonymous datasets you will be able to compare how your suppliers stack against suppliers in the Alliance as a whole.

At every step, suppliers are encouraged to share practices they implement and targets they set for themselves. TSP is uniquely designed to capture knowledge and share it within a broader community.

At every step, we have real knowledgeable humans to support you. For any questions, comments or general feedback, always feel free to contact us.

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