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Assess your Organization Sustainability Goals

Join 100's of organizations that have already used TSP to asses their environmental targets against peers & communicate their efforts towards sustainability to stakeholders.

What is TSP?


TSP’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of sustainability best practices across industry sectors by making them easy to access, understand and adopt.

There are numerous practices that eliminate or minimize the impact of our activities on air, land, water and ecosystem resources, and that help to ensure that business is conducted in a more socially responsible manner. Barriers to adoption often include lack of awareness or access to this information, perceived complexity or expense, and/or no incentive to do better. TSP’s mission is to remove these barriers by providing universal access to information and tools that make it easy to identify, understand, prioritize and implement best practices.

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For Suppliers/ Individual Companies

TSP is a tool that lets you identify management and technical best practices specific to your industry segment, benchmark with peers, get overall performance scores, share and report results, and plan improvements prioritized by value.


Browse expert-vetted best practices ranked by economic and sustainability value.


Assess maturity relative to best practices and benchmark with industry peers.


Select improvement actions on a value-ranked basis and see impact on scores & benchmark position.


Share scorecard with clients at your discretion. Use outputs for in/external reports.

For Managers of Suppliers or Facilities

TSP helps your suppliers, facilities or offices advance in sustainability, while providing meaningful measures of the quality and maturity of their efforts (for RFPs, scorecards, improvement programs, reporting). Dashboard analytics identify improvement opportunities and track performance trends over time.


Industry-specific best practice libraries. Auto- mated, value-prioritized improvement planning.


Maturity assessments. Automatic scorecards and peer benchmarking for use in RFI/RFPs or supplier performance reviews.


Custom dashboards to track performance trends. Self-managed list of reporting entities. Identify high value improvement opportunities.

How to get started?

You have been invited by a key energy utility customer to take the annual EUISSCA/TSP assessment.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial ».

You want to bid on a sourcing event by one of the Utilities member of the Alliance, and are required to answer a subset of sustainability questions as part of the proposal.

If you already have a full assessment completed on TSP, the answers will be automatically populated. Otherwise, even if we encourage you to take a full assessment, you can still answer only those questions which are part of the RFx survey ».

You are a Utility or an organization with dozens of suppliers looking to implement or expand a sustainability program accross your supply chain.